Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Your Weight Issue Related to Limited Good Bacteria in the Gut?

It seems like I'm talking about this topic an awful lot lately, but that's alright, because it's a great topic - probiotics. And no, I'm not talking about how many servings of sugar-filled yogurt you have eaten today - the amount of sugar in most flavored yogurts totally outweighs any benefit of good bacteria you may receive, so it's in your best interest to just purchase a good-bacteria supplement and skip the unnecessary calories, artificial colors, and sweeteners.

As per usual, Dr. Mercola has an amazing article on his site entitled: 'The Newfound Link Between Probiotics and Your Weight.' (if it prompts you to register before you can see the website, feel free to use my email address 'hilltopchiro AT ). His commentary at the end of the article (at the time of my writing) is amazing as well.

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