Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine Makers to Profit $50 Billion a Year!!

Do you feel bombarded with information on the impending doom from the fast-approaching Swine Flu? I say "YES!" (unfortunately)

Do you feel like your body was created with a shortage of swine flu vaccine? I say "NO."

Last question: did you know that Swine Flu Vaccine makers could stand to profit $50 billion a year from the sale of swine flu vaccines? FIFTY BILLION A YEAR! I didn't know that.

Take a look at this article from The Guardian, out of the U.K. It's interesting to point out that Relenza, the vaccine for the swine flu, isn't even marketed to cure or stop the swine most cases it simply states: relenza is an anti-viral treatment, which can relieve swine flu symptoms. Note that it doesn't say it WILL relieve symptoms.

It's not even addressing the problem (which isn't that big of a surprise to me), but is only covering and POSSIBLY easing the symptoms.

Here's my favorite quote from the article: "In a sign of how quickly GSK is working to make sure a vaccine is available from September, the company said that 'clinical trials will be limited, due to the need to provide the vaccine to governments as quickly as possible.

"Additional studies will therefore be required and conducted after the vaccine is made available.'"

Yes, you read that correctly - from the mouth of the manufacturer directly - "additional studies required...AFTER the vaccine is made available." I would URGE you to thoroughly look into this vaccine before being injected with it - don't let your kids, grandkids, or grandparents get this injection. You will be signing up to be a human test subject.

Please call our office if you have any questions on this topic. I would love to help you find ways to avoid getting this potentially deadly vaccination.

In Health,

Dr. Scott

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  1. Hey Dr. Scott, haven't heard from you in a while, and vice versa. Hope all is well, I'm sure you're busy with two kids. I might be sending a second friend your way, and hopefully be coming in myself soon... lots going on though.