Thursday, May 7, 2009

Common Treatment for Stomach Flu Makes it Worse!

Have you heard the news? Common Treatment for Stomach Flu Makes it Worse! Whoa!

While it may be be news to you, it's not new news. The common myth Dr. Mercola writes about - drinking sweet and sugary drinks to "calm" a sour stomach - does more harm than he mentions in his article. The effect of the sugar/corn syrup in one can of soda can reduce your immune function by 45%! This reduction in immune function not only prevents you from recuperating as quickly, it can mean your illness may become WORSE as your body struggles to combat its enemy with less tools in its arsenal.

I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Mercola's advice on probiotics as well. I recommend that patients take a probiotic for general intestinal health, but ESPECIALLY when an illness is being combatted and WITHOUT QUESTION if antibiotics are being taken. I personally feel that the damage antibiotics inflict on a person's body far outweighs the benefit - not to mention the diarrhea, constipation, and who-knows-what other side effects.

If you have questions about this topic or are looking for advice on excellent probiotics, give our office a call; we'll help you wade through all the myths to discover better health!

In Health,
Dr. Scott

*45% reduction of immune function as described in Dr. Bob's Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 days, page 46; we have copies in our clinic library for anyone interested.

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