Sunday, October 11, 2009

Appendix Useful?

It turns out all the doctors and "experts" in biology were wrong!

In the last couple years there has been a resurgence in new information about the true purposes of the appendix. Once thought to be pointless, worthless, and an-accident-waiting-to-happen, it appears the appendix has its uses after all:

- Your appendix may serve as a vital safehouse where good bacteria can lie in wait until they are needed to repopulate the gut after a case of diarrhea.
- Past studies have also found the appendix can help make, direct and train white blood cells.

Now, if you're thinking "big deal!" - well, you'd be correct! It's a HUGE deal.

The appendix essentially serves as a “backup factory” for beneficial commensal bacteria, the symbiotic germs that aid digestion and help protect your body against disease-causing germs.

If the good bacteria in your colon dies, which could happen as a result of cholera or dysentery (for instance), it appears your appendix steps up to help recolonize your gut with good bacteria.

Modern society has become so hypervigilant against bacteria that many forget a very important point - the bacteria in your body actually outnumber your cells by about ten to one, and without them you would die.

So work hard to keep your appendix and body healthy...God designed every part for a purpose.

In Health,
Dr. Scott

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