Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FDA Admits to Massive Conflict of Interest

This is a quote from couldn't have put it any better myself, so I left well-enough alone. It's nice to see there has finally been some light shed on the corruption. I'm ready for our current medical model to surrender to one based on wellness and, oh I don't know, health! (The introduction is below, and the full article is here. Log in with "hilltopchiro AT" if you are prompted.)

"It’s FDA corruption déjà vu.

You’ve had heart attacks from Vioxx and Avandia and contaminated toothpaste from China; E. coli in your spinach, and salmonella in your spinach and peppers. Tainted pet food has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of your pets. And your children have gotten sick from toys painted with leaded paint.

What will be the next ill-fated product “approved” by the FDA?

The agency’s list of corruptions and collusions is now a mile long. And each piece of new legislation aimed to improve its function seems to do just the opposite—making the FDA even more dependent upon financial support by Big Pharma.

Perhaps the fact that the agency is now publicly questioning its own procedures and affiliations is a step in the right direction. But will that be enough?


In Health,
Dr. Scott

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